Secrets of Weight Loss

Ever had one of those moments when you found you couldn’t keep up with your three year old who has decided to make a run for it? Or that quick glance from your daughter while she decides whether ‘you’ll do’ when she bumps into a friend in the street? Or worse when you start to notice your own child getting overweight and bullied at school?

That’s when you start the next of a long line of diets that you’ve been on, hoping that you’ll ‘do it this time’.

You know that diets don’t work; after all you’ve tried enough of them. You’ve been made to feel like it was you…you failed! But, if you want to know the truth – they don’t work for most other people either because that is not how your body works!

Scientists now believe that environmental factors, not genes, are the main reason that children of overweight parents are more likely to be overweight themselves. You are their role model; they learn from you what is good to eat and what is not. They copy you when use food as a comforter. When they’re young they want to spend time with you whether is sitting on the sofa watching TV or going for a bike ride. So they even start to copy your activity levels.

It’s not your fault – after all you learnt from your parents. Have you ever found yourself repeating to your children those things your mother said: ‘You can’t have any pudding until you’ve eaten all you’re your dinner’, ‘Waste not, want not’ (as you finish off the leftovers)?

Slim and Become is a totally different way of weight loss because it doesn’t rely on willpower. We teach you to think like a thin person.

You will learn:

  • To eat whatever you want and still lose weight
  • Why low fat ‘slimmer’ alternatives don’t help you to knock off those pounds
  • Other ways to deal with stress, sadness or boredom so you don’t run to the fridge
  • Why diets reduce your metabolic rate and therefore your ability to burn calories
  • How High Protein, Low Carb diets encourage loss of water and lean tissue (muscle).
  • Why you can’t lose more than 2lbs of fat a week
  • Why you find that when you have finished a diet you put the weight back on and often more!

We want to show you a new way of losing your excess weight

  • Slimming diets force you to think constantly about food (calorie or fat counting)
  • The continual on/off dieting and poor lifestyle habits has affected your metabolism causing your body to burn calories less efficiently.
  • Many diet programmes are designed to sell their products (ready-made meals or slimmer drinks) and often using sweet meal replacement.